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Where Do we Work?

roshiniRoshni began providing free primary education to children eight years ago. It operated from the residence of the founder. The timings were flexible and the classes were held in the morning and evening. Starting with just three students eight years ago, the number of children coming to the classes increased with each passing year. At present there are about 50 children attending the classes. All of them have poor, illiterate construction labour and domestics for parents. The NGO has now a roof over its head in the form of a room loaned by the Sainik Society. Also, two teachers have volunteered to take free classes of these children. So far, after giving them basic primary education, about 10 promising students have been put in government schools where they are doing well. We have also installed a computer for the benefit of the students so that they are also acquainted with modern teachnology through which they can update their knowledge. With more new children coming to join these classes each year, the present infrastructure and facilites have become inadequate. Currently we are on the look out for a more spacious place.

Aabid Kamal Aakil

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