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roshiniLife in India seems to be very interesting to those who see it from outside only. Poverty and illiteracy and their adverse consequences still do not let a large majority of people lead a decent and dignified life. The worst sufferers are children of poor families who are denied their childhood innocence and playfulness. Poverty compels people to keep their children at home or to send them out to work (in spite of the fact that child labor is a violation of human rights) instead of sending them to school. The condition of the girl child is still worse as she bears the brunt of this sorry state of affairs. Shaken by the poor living conditions and lack of education amongst children in and around her residence in Sainik Colony in Faridabad (Haryana), Ms.Savita Bhagat,a Lecturer of Economics in the local DAV college with 21 years’ standing as of date, took the initative some 8 years ago to help provide education to the deprived children of construction worked and domestics. She motivated and mobilized them to send to her their children, may of whom have not even seem the inside of a school, for getting at feast basic primary education. Ms. Bhagat talked to some well-wishers and friends in the area about her idea. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and the positive response she received, she founded a non-profit organiszation by the name of Roshni (meaning light) and got it registered under the Societies Act

Our Vision

roshiniThe vision of the Society is to open a chain of really effective neighborhood Literacy Centers-cum–Libraries---- some of them even mobile, if feasible----with dedicated teachers putting in their best efforts, using the play way method and even using technology like computers to achieve better results. The Society also has plans to open its own primary school where these vulnerable children are helped to from a good educational base and then be put into selected good quality schools for further studies. The Society also has the vision of helping such children as complete school to go in for vocational training or higher education as the case may be. The vision is to make concerted efforts to make as many lives productive and fruitful as possible.

Our Mission

roshiniThe Society has been formed with a view to touching lives and trying to make some real difference to the quality of life of deprived children, one of the most vulnerable sections of society.Since literacy empowers one and education opens doors like nothing else, the Society is running a couple of Literacy Centers in Faridabad and the hundred- odd children coming to the two centers are mostly first generation learners many of whom have never been to school. The society has not only the mission of making these children functionally literate but also to inculcate the right kind of values in them so that they grow up to become good human beings and responsible citizens. Not to rest content with just providing literacy, the Society also takes pains to put the more promising among them into good schools and provide them continuous support-- both financial and academic-so that they can break free of the shackles of poverty and lack of opportunity and get a real chance to grow and prosper in life. Since today good education is imperative for growth, the Society is focused on this area to change lives for the better.

Aabid Kamal Aakil

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